How To: Attach an I-cord by knitting

Attach an I-cord by knitting

This video knitting tutorial shows how to attach an I-Cord onto another knitted piece. Start by picking up stitches along the edge to which the I-cord is to be attached. Break the yarn, and cast 3 stitches onto a double-point needle. Slip these stitches onto the front end of the needle that is holding the edge stitches, such that the working yarn is 3 stitches in, next to the first edge stitch. Begin by knitting 2 stitches, pulling the working yarn across the back, as for regular I-cord. The 3rd stitch is knit together with the first stitch in the edging, through the back loops. Repeat for each row of I-cord, knitting stitch 3 together with its corresponding edge stitch, through the back loops. Watch this instructional knitting video and learn how to attach an I-Cord by knitting.

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