How To: Loom Knit Newborn Baby Mittens

Loom Knit Newborn Baby Mittens

When making these knit newborn mittens use 2 strings at the same time for warmth. Wrap the string around your finger twice to create a slip knot (back loop over the forward, and then pull it down to leave the loop). Use only 7 pegs from the 24 peg loom. Use the anchor as the starting point. Put the slip knot over the first peg. If you're right-handed, work towards the left; and likewise, if you're left-handed, work towards the right. Now, wrap over and back down the peg beside your first peg. Same thing with the third peg. Continue with the 4th. Again with the 5th. Same with the 6th, wrapping the yarn over and then back under. And finally, the same for the 7th. No continue to wrap it in the same way, but back in the opposite direction, continuing back to the starting point. Now, before continuing, throw the original loop over the top of your last one. Work your way across to the seventh peg, doing this to each loop. After completing this you have now concluded line number 1.

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