How To: Attach a knit pocket

Attach a knit pocket

This video knitting tutorial demonstrates a technique for attaching a pocket that is the same as that used for inserting a heel. Following the pattern directions, you knit some of the stitches with waste yarn to mark the top of the pocket. Carefully remove the waste yarn and put the loops above and below onto double-point needles. If you're worried about dropping stitches, you can pick up the loops as you go. Remove all the waste yarn and then go back and pick up the stitches. The loops on the bottom needle will be used to finish off the top of the pocket front. An attached I-cord can also be worked across these loops. The loops on the top needle will be used to knit a stockinet liner for the pocket, with the right side facing out. Watch this instructional knitting video and learn how to knit a pocket onto a cardigan or any other knit project.

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I would like to see how to complete the pocket, how to attach the bottom part.

ANOthER request, this video (although a nice start) does not complete the pocket. Where are the rest of the instructions? Please advise where someone could find the rest of the instructions. thanks, amy

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