How To: Bind Off Knitting on a Circular Needle

Bind Off Knitting on a Circular Needle

Binding off on a circular needle is as easy as binding off on a straight needle.

How to Bind Off Knitting on a Circular Needle

Follow the steps below to learn how to bind off on a circular needle:

  1. Knit the first 2 stitches on the needle.
  2. Insert left needle into the front of the stitch you knitted first, and pull it over the second stitch and completely off the needle. Put your index on the 2nd stitch to hold it in place and keep it from falling off the needle. One stitch is now bound off. 
  3. Knit one more stitch, insert left needle into first stitch on right needle, and pull it over the new stitch and completely off the needle. Another stitch is bound  off.
  4. Knit one more stitch and repeat steps 2 and 3. Continue this process until you have one stitch remaining.
  5. Cut yarn and pull through loop. 


  • Leave a long strand of yarn if you're going to need it later for sewing.

If you need to know any more information on knitting oncircular needles, look for my other articles on the subject.

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I am knitting a baby blanket on circular needles. When I bind off is my project going to be flat because right now it is round.

Is someone going to answer my ?

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