How To: Bind Off on a Purl Stitch

Bind Off on a Purl Stitch

You've come to the end of your work and are ready to BIND OFF, but you're on a PURL row.  What to do? You've learned how to BIND OFF on a knit stitch, but this is something new. Usually you will do the BIND OFF stitch on a knit row, but now your pattern is telling you to BIND OFF on a Purl row. Sometimes, like in ribbing, you will need to do both. If you've never bound off purling here are the instructions to follow.

Step 1 PURL the first 2 stitches.

Step 2 Insert left needle into the front of the first stitch on your right needle.

With your left needle pull the first stitch up and over the second stitch.

Step 3 Pull your right needle forward, toward you.

Let the stitch drop off.  Purl another stitch and repeat the last two steps.

Step 4 When you have only one stitch remaining on the needle, cut the yarn.

Pull through the last stitch. 


  • Leave a long strand if you are going to be sewing up a seam. 
  • Leave a short strand that you can weave in if it's a scarf or blanket.
  • Binding off is sometimes also called Casting Off. 
Watch the video to see a demonstration of purl bind off.

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