How To: Color code your knitting loom to remember formations

Color code your knitting loom to remember formations

We all know that color coding is important because it helps us to quickly organize things based on visual cues. As students in high school, we used differently colored page tabs to denote different subject matters, and some of us color code file cabinets for easier and faster access. The same principle goes for this tutorial, which teaches you how to color code a knitting loom.

Color coding your loom may be the most helpful thing you ever do. Sock heel formations need to be carefully monitored. Usually you tie extra string around each loom peg to color code them. But you can also use other loom pegs of different colors and use them to show the heel formation pegs you need to watch for. This makes it quick and easy to remember which pegs you are working with and which pegs are on the opposite side of each other.

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