How To: Crochet adult slippers

Crochet adult slippers

The slippers in this how-to video are a good example of how the same project, made by the same person, with the same hook and same brand yarn(different color) can create a different size. Both slippers were made with 4-ply Redheart yarn. The only difference is the color. The gray slipper turned out to be larger than the white slipper. Follow along with the instructions as the demonstrator shows the steps for making these cozy slippers. You will need to be able to single croche, slip stitch, foundation single crochet, stitch, and decrease, and you will need a crochet hook, 4-ply worsted weight yarn, and 3 yarn markers. Watch this video crocheting tutorial and learn how to make adult sized slippers.

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clear instructions to follow.

Are the directions printed somewhere?

I love this...It felt like you were sitting right next to me and teaching me what to do...this I like because I have a
hard time reading a pattern.. Thanks

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