How To: Crochet a baby beanie cap using single crochet

Crochet a baby beanie cap using single crochet

Crochet personal homemade gifts for everyone. This how to video shows you how to crochet a baby beanie cap with the single crochet stitch. This crocheted baby beanie is sure to be the hit of the baby shower.

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i made several of these and the instructions she gives are excellent! tysm!

Your right it is excellent, thanks for sending it to me.

Love it love it. Even I can do it, and what is nice is it is so clear and step by step follow along and pause if need be over and over. Ta daaaaa one little beanie cap. Thanks

GRRR How come when I do turns into a tube???

Thats what happened to me too,,but i found out i wasnt adding or actually increasing about the 7 row in....EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeK i pulled out so many tubes myself

help... when i do it.. the beanie gets bigger and bigger and is not snug fitting what am I doing wrong

I just finished crocheting a baby hat(my first one) and also did the shell stitch around the bottom. Right now I'm having problems with the ear flaps. Please help.

do you know how to crochet a baby stocking hat like an elf hat,I'm going crazy trying to find a pattern to do this does anyone know?

Check out the website, some of the sellers also have patterns for sale (totally awesome site)

How do I get to the written pattern? I can't get youtube on my home computer.

great instructions, easy to follow, thank you :)

great cant wait to try it

Wonderful service, you really can learn everything on the internet

when im on round 2 and i skip 2 and do one single stich, do i skip 2 more for when i do the increase stich of 2?

sry i meant when im on round 6 and i skip 2 and do one single stich, do i skip 2 more for when i do the increase stich of 2?

Someone help please! I'm having "tube issues" and no matter how many time I pull it out and re-do it I still get a tube........I'm prego and really want to make a hat for baby but its driving me nuts I just want to throw the yarn at something! lol

It makes me wonder if you are missing some increase stitches or using yarn that is to small

easy instructions! thank you!

could you e-mail me the instructions for the baby beanie,the video is too fast for me ,I'm a beginner ,e-mail address,thanks

hi everyone i will be making a baby hat for my friend i found this hat easy to read but what does lp mean

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