How To: Crochet a broomstick lace pattern

Crochet a broomstick lace pattern

Watch this instructional crochet video to crochet broomstick lace. This crochet method creates an intricate snowflake pattern. Use any type of yarn, a crochet needle and a size 19 knitting needle to complete this project. You can even use a knitting needle made out of a PVC pipe. This broomstick lace pattern creates a complex crochet weave for warm yet breathable blankets, sweaters and winter caps.

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You explain this stitch very well!! Thank you

Thank you for providing the instruction. I found it very helpful.

thank you,you was nice to explain well ur work i like to learn you workshop

i like how u explain ur work, can u gife class to a person. i want to learn how to craft crochet, u have ur websits page

Thank you , you did a great job.

Thank you. Can you please show how to do this stich in a circular way for crocheting a hat or a berret?

merci de ces explications très claires.

thanks, that was a nice stitch and very well explained.

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