How To: Crochet a bullion or roll stitch

Crochet a bullion or roll stitch

Watch this instructional crochet video to crochet a bullion or roll stitch. This is a difficult crochet stitch to accomplish. This video provides an alternative method of completing the crochet stitch using a homemade tool. Use any type of thread and crochet needle to complete this project. The bullion or roll stitch creates a complex crochet weave for hyper-designed crochet projects.

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Love the web site, finally can understand how to do certain crochet stitches. thank you, the only suggestion i would make is that the pattern instructions should also be written down so i can try it and if i need more instruction then i can watch the video. thanks so much. L. Birch

What a clever girl you are! Thankyou for your demo.I am off to make my own bullion contraption and blast through the bullion flowers I need for a jacket.
Jo - Perth Western Australia

Hi Jo, There is another way to do the Bullion/Roll stitch. Try using a rug hook latchet needle. Works for me. You could also use a machine knitting latchet tool and even a small hosiery latchet tool (you should still be able to get these in the Sewing Section of a Department store). Hope this helps. Best regards, JOHN Toowoomba Qld

Well I am so impressed with your bullion contraption.I have just finished a bullion flower- 10 wraps & 24 bullions. Thanks so much. If I knew how to use the computor more efficiently I'd send a photo. Thanks heaps for your video.
Jo - Perth Western Australia

this is a cool website i love the tutorials thanks so much

Fantastic website, thank you so much for sharing your tutorials with us :)

bonsoir, ceci est très intéressant et instructif!! merci.

Thank you for being so innovative! I can't wait to try this clever technique in a future project. I have been crocheting for 40 years and have never seen this stitch :-)

Wonderful you have make my crochet works more easy whith that great idea.

HI I would like to know how to stitch a bullion stitch on to a baby jacket x

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