How To: Crochet a bullion stitch flower

Crochet a bullion stitch flower

Watch this instructional crochet video to crochet a bullion or roll stitch flower. This is a difficult crochet stitch to accomplish. You should master the bullion stitch before beginning to crochet this flower design. Use any type of thread and crochet needle to complete this project. The bullion or roll stitch creates a complex crochet weave for hyper-designed crochet projects such as this intricate flower.

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Actually, this was teh best way to learn the Bullion stitch and I liked the improvised needle on the crochet hook idea :) Very clear and helpful, thanks

This is a very good demo of how to do the bullion stitch. The slow motion really helped to see the way the stitches were being formed. Wonderful idea to use the embroidery needle to help ease the stitches through. thanks

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