How To: Crochet a chainless single crochet foundation

Crochet a chainless single crochet foundation

Are you new to crocheting? Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do a chainless single crochet foundation. You will need some yarn and a crochet needle.

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I will use this. Thanks

What would you use a chainless crochet foundation for?

The chainless or foundation single crochet is great for a project that uses a long chain, and then a row of single crochet into each chain. You make the chain and the row of singles all at the same time. Fast and easy. You can also do a chainless half-double, double, etc.

Theresa, you have saved me yet again....Every other tutorial I have looked for and studied, I couldn't for the life of me figure out. Your tutorial is perfect! Thanks a million!

Just wonderful to learn new things. Thank you.

this is the best tutorial I have ever seen....thanks !!!!

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