How To: Crochet a cupcake with cherry & sprinkles

Crochet a cupcake with cherry & sprinkles

Teaching the World to Crochet One Stitch at a Time. Crochet is filled with many "AH-HA" moments. All you need to do is keep practicing, ask for help when you need it and it will all make sense.

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4 Comments took me all day to finish my cupcake. the video was hard to follow sometimes. i had to pause and rewind A LOT. good thing it was a lazy saturday off. many mistakes but i was determined, i had to redo redo and redo until i got my "AH HA!" moment, lol. thank you so much for taking the time to make this tutorial. very helpful and thorough. i LOVE my cupcake creation, mine smells like vanilla ;) xoxo

I love your crocheted cupcakes! That idea of making them scented is totally awesome!

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