How To: Crochet a cute blackberry stitch for right handers

Crochet a cute blackberry stitch for right handers

Okay, so just to be clear, this is not a crochet tutorial for crocheting a stitch that resembles your new Blackberry Pearl (though, admittedly, that would be pretty damn awesome).

Rather, this is a tutorial for crocheting a sort of stitch that resembles a literal blackberry. These blackberries are beautiful motifs that can be used to punctuate long scarves, berets, and other knitting projects. Try it out by watching this tutorial.

This pattern gives magnificent bumps or bubble like crochet on the one side of your work. This pattern is not typical of crochet and makes for a unique look to your projects. This pattern is not as hard as it looks. This is the Right Hand Version.

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