How To: Crochet a eight-point snowflake

Crochet a eight-point snowflake

Steps on How to Make a Crochet Snow Flake in minutes! 1) Prepare the materials needed: Size 3 Steel Crochet Hook, Crochet Cotton, and a Small Needle2) Make a loop, place the hook below the left string and pull it up. 3) Make a Single Crochet in a loop, then a chain 3. Repeat this 8 times. 4) Work a Double Crochet (2x) in the same loop and another chain 3 loop. 5) Work another Double Crochet (3x) and a chain 2 loop. Repeat this 7 times. 6) Join the beginning chain and work a cluster through the top of the Double Crochet, then a chain 4 loop. 7) Make a Single Crochet on the space of chain 2. (Repeat steps 6 and 7, 8 times)8) Work a triple crochet on the beginning chain. 9) Slip stitch the chain 610) Join it with chain 4 single crochet loop (repeat 5 times). 11) On chain 3, work a single crochet in the next loop. 12) Lastly, do a slip stitch in the center of the next cluster (Repeat steps 9-12, 8 times) With the snow flake completed, you could use this as a decoration on your living room.

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