How To: Crochet a headband

Crochet a headband

Basic and simple steps yet elegant in making Crochet Headbands. Start with a chain of two, put the hook through the first chain, wrap the eye over and pull it through, wrap the eye over and pull it through once, and wrap the eye over and pull it through twice. Continue to make 54 foundation single crochet. Connect the two ends together. Work the shell and single crochet in the same space as the opposite side. If you want to add flowers. Chain three slip stitch in the loop. Complete five chain three loop. These would be the first round of the flower. Slip stitch in to the chain 3 loop. Work 5 Double Crochet in the same loop for chain 1. Slip stitch in the same loop, Slip Stitch in the next chain 3 loop. Repeat the procedure for each remaining petal. These simple crochet steps may also helps you make different styles of headbands.

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You are going way 2 fast i can barely see what you are doing please slow down the head band is beautiful

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