How to Crochet a left hand snowflake

In this tutorial, we learn how to crochet a left handed snowflake. Start out with a chain 7, then join. For round 1, you will do a chain 6, then single crochet in the loop five times. Then, chain 3 and join at the beginning of the chain. For round 2, chain 3 in the next loop, then chain 8 and single crochet in the same loop, five times total. After this, chain 3 a single crochet and then triple crochet at the base of the beginning loop to join. For round 3, single crochet in the same loop, then chain 7 and single crochet in the next chain three. Now, chain seven and single crochet in the previous chain, then chain 7 in the next chain three five times down. Continue on throughout the rest of the rounds to create the entire snowflake. When finished, you will have a great looking snowflake!

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