How to Crochet a left handed large size beanie cap for a man

In this tutorial, we learn how to crochet a left handed large size beanie cap for a man. For the first round, you will work 10 single crochets through the loop, not joining. Then the cap will be worked into a spiral or round shape. Next, you will work in two single crochets in each single crochet. Then, you will do 20 single crochets total. For round three, you will work one single crochet for 20 more total. For round four, you will do the same for fourty more single crochets. For round five you will the same for an additional fourty. Then, in round six you will do one single crochet in the next and then go around with sixty total single crochets. When finished, tie this off at the end and you will have a great beanie for a man!

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