How To: Crochet a left handed sun beam granny square

Crochet a left handed sun beam granny square

make a left handed sun beam granny square crochet in minutes! 1. Prepare the materials, two different yarn colors are needed. 2. Start off with a chain 1 stitch. 3. Make a half double crochet through a chain 4 stitch (12x)4. Work another chain 1 stitch5. Make 2 half double crochets to join the chain 1 stitch (24x)6. Cut the yarn and change the color. 7. Work 2 half double crochets on the new color and join together with the chain 1 stitch. 8. Change yarn color again. Insert the hook from the front right of the stitch, around the back, and to the front left of the stitch. 9. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull up. Making sure that all loops are behind the crochet hook, complete single crochet in the Half Double Crochet of the previous round. 10. Double stitch chain 1 and work a half double stitch on the next slip stitch. (repeat 12 times)11. Join the beginning with a single crochet and work a half double stitch in loop behind the chain. 12. Work a back post double crochet around a slip stitch. 13. Lastly loop a half double stitch behind the chain, (repeat 4x) Follow these simple steps and create a unique crochet good for decorations on the living room.

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