How To: Crochet preemie baby hats

Crochet preemie baby hats

Crochet a complete preemie hat from scratch using this tutorial. This tutorial is for the advanced student in crochet. It will take you about one hour to complete this hat and you will love it. Simple yet fabulous, for your dolls or for any preemie baby.

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Thank you for the preemie hat video, I made the hat, & it looks ok, but...I just don't get the part on the brim where when changing to the sc to ch 1 & slst? can't I just cont on working the rows & using a row marker? I did complete the hat, but the back wher I ch 1 slst just doesn't look right, I would like to make a bunch of hats for the local NICU but I want them to look good too, any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

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