How To: Crochet a puffy Valentine's Day heart

Crochet a puffy Valentine's Day heart

This video shows how to make a small woven puffy heart. It Measures approximately 3 inches of yarn and 8 inches across. Use sufficient yarn and a size G crosha. Make a knot and attach the knot with the crosha. Make a chain of 3. Twin with the beginning chain to form a loop. Now make 9 rings with the center of the loop. This completes round 1. Now round 2 will have 18 rings around round 1. This completes round 2. Likewise work for two more rounds with 12 or 18 rings. Further round 4 will have another round with stitches in each stitch of 12 or 18. Follow the same procedure and make another replica. Now join the two and again use the crosha to weave the rings. Likewise following the video completely guides one to make a crochet valentine puffy heart.

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