How To: Crochet the ripple pattern

Crochet the ripple pattern

The ripple pattern is another technique for adding some flair to a knitwear project. Learn how to crochet the ripple pattern by watching this crafting how-to video.

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Very good instructional video of the ripple stitch. Thank you. :) Jo-Anne Lemaire

Hi, for some reason I cannot get my to play. What am I not doing?

with 30 ch. at the end i'm running out about 5 ch. what if i'm making a baby blanket, how many exact chain do i need?

I am not able to view my video. What do I need to do?

not a good teaching video, didn't say how many chain to do, beforing starting, good thing I am not a beginner, It would be fine if it was the same person saying "decrease" "increase" . Thank you

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