How To: Crochet a solid heart pattern

Crochet a solid heart pattern

Are you interested in doing crochet projects? Watch this arts and crafts video tutorial to learn how to crochet a solid heart pattern. You will need some yarn and a crochet needle.

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loved it...great to embellish items.

i love to learn to do that

Thank y ou - looks good, but once it is so well explained it is easy to do :).

can't see it on my screen why?

I am just finishing a baby blanket, star shaped.
How do I block this?

wanted to make this heart 4 inches wide -- i did the one you just showed love it but would like to make it bigger in size help please

does anyone know the ans to the question I asked on 2-14th?

try using a 'K' hook instead of the 'I' hook she is using and see if
the heart comes out like you want it; you did not say how much larger you wanted it

some1 plzz tell me how i c da videos?

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