How To: Crochet a warm baby sweater for fall/winter

Crochet a warm baby sweater for fall/winter

These baby sweaters are small enough to fit onto a doll, which makes them all the more cute and cuddly when you throw them on your little baby. During the fall and winter the weather takes a significant dip, so make sure your little one covers up in style by making this crochet baby sweater.

This is the super jumbo video of the Imagination Sweater. Mikey has this pattern available on his website if you prefer the written directions. This is the same video as all 29 Videos that had this sweater going through step by step. This is the super jumbo video with everything all in one spot.

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Dear Mikey; My name is Donna , and I have always wished and wanted to be able to have enough talent to crochet a baby's sweater. I am so thrilled to have found you!! Only through your help , I was able to create a beautiful pink baby sweater. The only thing I did differently, was I added frills at the edge of the sleeves. I have a question though, How would I go about making one identical but in a larger version,say, for a 6 year old? Do you think you could make a video for larger sizes also. Anyway, I am absolutely tickled that I have finally found someone to help me with these crafts. I appreciate your help immensely. Thanks again Mikely. Sincerely, Donna

I too am looking for a sweater video for say a size 2 or 3 toddler

do you also have a written tutorial of this cutie????

Looked through your website could not find the written instructions to this video.

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