How To: Crochet with 2 yarns

Crochet with 2 yarns

The video teaches the technique of crocheting with two different yarns. You start with a basic slip knot and then crochet a basic chain of ten loops. It is important to keep the loops loose and to ensure that you pull both yarns through the loop each time. Crocheting with two yarns give you a bigger fuller knot. After crocheting the chain of ten, you make a foundation row starting by crocheting two loops and then going through the second loop in the row of ten, using a single crochet stitch. As the foundation row is made, it is again important to be sure that you keep the knots loose so that they don't get too tight. On the next row, you use a half double crochet stitch through the back loop starting at the third loop from the crochet needle.

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