How To: Decrease Stitches on a Purl Row

Decrease Stitches on a Purl Row

Usually you decrease on Knit rows, but there will be times when your patterns tells you to decrease on a Purl row. It's easy to do and here's how.

  1. Put your needle through 2 stitches as to Purl.
  2. Put the yarn around BOTH STITCHES and Purl off.
  3. You have decreased one stitch.
  4. Continue to do this decrease when ever needled.
Video demonstration on how to decrease a Purl row.


  • Decreases are usually at the beginning or end of a row, but sometimes you will need to decrease all through the row.
  • Use the 2nd and 3rd stitches in if you are decreasing at the beginning of a row.
  • Use the 2 stitches before the last one if you are decreasing at the end of the row.

To learn how to Purl, check out this article.

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