How To: Do cast on knitting

Do cast on knitting

How to Do Cast on Knitting for beginning knitters, this video tutorial shows the process of casting on with a tail using a single needle. The trick is to make sure you have a sufficient amount of yarn to make your stitches. You should have approximately half an inch for every stitch. To begin, make a slip knot. Once the knot is created, slip your needle into the looped part of the knot. Hold the needle with your right finger and then pick up the tail end with your thumb and the loose end with your pointer. Stitches are made when you pick up the two pieces of string (one at a time) with the needle. With the needle, make a sweeping loop dropping the strings off the needle. When you tighten it, that creates the stitch. Every now and then, make sure to drop the tail end of the string so that it unwinds because as you make your stitches, the string gets twisted. Follow these basic steps to casting on with a needle when beginning a knitting project.

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