How To: Do a criss cross stitch on a knitting board

Do a criss cross stitch on a knitting board

The instructor from the Knitting Board shows you how to make a criss cross stitch. This stitch has two weave patterns that you alternate to create a pretty textured look. Using a knitting board, the first stitch starts on the first pin of the back board down to the fourth pin. Then you weave back and forth across the board skipping a pin. At the end, take the yarn straight across the board and turn the board around. Return by picking up the pins that you skipped. Each pin will have two loops on it. You end on the pin across from where you began. Next the lift the bottom loop over the top of the pin starting where you began this stitch. Continue to the middle of the board and then do the same thing starting at the other end. When you finish one side, turn your board and do the same thing on the other side. When they are all hooked over, rake the stitch to the center and pull down on the row. To start the second weave pattern, turn your board around. Take your yarn around the first pin then down to the third pin. Then take your yarn back up to the next pin then down to the fifth. Repeat this back and forth in the same pattern, skipping a pin. At the end, go straight across the board and turn the board around repeating the same action on the other side, picking up the pins you skipped. All pins should have two loops and then start hooking over by lifting the lower loops up and over the pins the same way you did the first stitch. Finish by pulling down the row. If you set the weaving down and can't remember where you left off, just take a closer look at the stitching and you should be able to tell.

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