How To: Do the E wrap cast on for knitting

Do the E wrap cast on for knitting

Pay attention to this knitting demonstration video and learn how to do the e wrap cast on.

This is not a good knitting cast-on for long lengths because it is not possible to control the tension well when knitting the first row, resulting in a loopy, uneven edge.

I like to use this knitting cast-on method only when I need to add one or two stitches, as behind the thumb in a mitten.

Hold the knitting needle with the stitches in your left hand, with the strand of working yarn grasped in the palm of your right hand.

Take your right forefinger over the strand and then back under, making a loop around your finger.

Insert the tip of the knitting needle into this loop, release the strand, and gently pull up the tension of the loop (in the shape of a lowercase "e").

Master the art of the knitting E wrap cast-on with this informative knitting instrucional video.

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