How To: Do invisible (provisional) cast-on

Do invisible (provisional) cast-on

This video demonstrates how to do invisible (provisional) cast-on, also known as looped cast-on. This is a provisional cast-on: one that can be easily undone to expose live stitches, and then knit from seamlessly.

Do invisible (provisional) cast-on

Do invisible (provisional) cast-on Click through to watch this video on

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I am thrilled by the ease in which the material is presented. What a wonderful resource for learning. It is so true what they say about the value of a picture demonstration as aposed to just text. Thank you for making learning to knit so much easier and more fun.

Unfortunately it will not open. So i can not even see it. It must be very good to do if you do not wish to show the cast on stitches, shame i can not see it. Never mind.

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