How To: Do the magic loop knitting technique

Do the magic loop knitting technique

Knitting blogger Sapphires'n'Purls provides step-by-step basic instructions of the magic loop knitting technique. To begin Magic Loop knitting, you will need the following supplies: One circular needle with flexible cable, skein of yarn of your choosing. To begin, you will cast on 12 stitches onto the circular needle. Next you will slide all your stitches onto the flexible cable. Once all your initial 12 stitches have been cast, divide the stitches in half, putting six stitches on the left side of the needle, six on the right. To this, find the middle of the needle, grab the cable and slide on to either needle. Ensure that they yarn is not twisted and it is oriented properly. Starting from the left side, slide the first six stitches back onto the cable. Make sure your first stitch is tight so there will be no gap in your knitting. Once you have completed six stitches on the left side, slide back onto the needle and repeat the process with the right side. As you work through your project, alternate between left and right, repeating the above steps until you are completed with your magic loop knitting project. Follow these basic steps to learn the basic techniques of Magic Loop Knitting.

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Is there somewhere that has written directions? I am a visual learner, but I can't take my laptop with me everywhere I knit. Any help will be appreciated. TYIA

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