How To: Do the twisted cord knitting technique

Do the twisted cord knitting technique

Watch this knitting instructional video for tips on mastering the twisted cord knitting technique. This is a fast, easy cord, and, with a sturdy fiber, it makes a durable bag handle.

Start with a piece of yarn that is four times longer than the desired length of the finished knitted cord.

Double this piece and knot the two ends together. For a long cord, you will want to hand the knotted end to a patient helper to hold, or slip it around the leg of a chair as you stand on the other side of the room.
This knitting demonstration uses a short length that you can hold between my hands.

You want to add enough twist that, when relaxed, the cord begins to double back on itself. The more twist, the sturdier the cord will be.

When you have added enough twist, fold the cord at the midpoint and let it twist back on itself. Knot and trim both ends. Voila! You have just learned how to do the twisted cord knitting technique. Hope you enjoyed this knitting tutorial video.

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