How To: Double crochet

Double crochet

How to make a double crochetIn this video we are about to see how to make a double crochet. It is done by chaining two chain stitches. In this case it is of seven chain stitches to get four double crochet. Take the yarn over the hook. Insert the hook into the fourth by skipping three chain stitches. Do yarn over and pull through first loop. Now yarn over and pull through second and third loop is well. Extra chain stitches move over and count as our first double crochet. Do it again that is yarn over the hook 1, 2 and 3 till the end of the row. After reaching the end of the row turn and chain 3. This counts as your turning chain and in turn it counts as double crochet. So we are doing 4 double crochet here. Do it the same way and get it done.

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