How To: Edge a knitted piece with the crab stitch

Edge a knitted piece with the crab stitch

In this video, we learn how to edge a knitted piece with a crab stitch. First, attach your yarn to the left edge of your work. After this, work one chain stitch, then go backwards with the hook. Insert it into the fabric and grab the yarn and pull it through the loop. Go around the yarn again and pull it through again. Keep going backwards and grabbing more yarn as you go in reverse. You are working with one loop on the needle while going into the fabric. Make sure you're consistent with the space in between the stitches, and continue until you're finished with your row.

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Great explanation... really clear although it's in English ;) I should have known anyways, in Spanish it's called Punto Cangrejo: absolutely direct translation! Thanks a lot for explainong!

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