How To: End a Knit Hat

End a Knit Hat

Some time, when you are making a hat and after you have done your decreases for the crown, you will get to the end of your hat pattern and it will simply say "end the hat".   Here's what to do.

End Your Hat

  • You will probably have 6 to 10 stitches left on the needle.
  • Push all the stitches to the front of the needle.
  • Remove your stitch marker.
  • Cut the yarn, leaving enough for closing.
  • Thread the yarn through a large-eyed needle.
  • Bring that sewing needle with the yarn from the back of the work to the first stitch on the knitting needle.
  • Slip each stitch off the knitting needle onto the sewing needle.
  • Pull the yarn through.
  • Push the needle through the top of the hat to the under side.


  • If you are working on a circular needle or on double pointed needles the technique is the same.
  • If you are adding a button or a pom pom you can use the  yarn that's left.
  • Otherwise, weave the yarn in and cut off the excess yarn.

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