How To: Get perfect, jogless stripes in your knitting projects

Get perfect, jogless stripes in your knitting projects

Visible jogs become frequent when you don't know the secret to knitting the perfect stripe. But just because it's a secret, doesn't mean it isn't easy to do! In this video demonstration, Judy shows you the secret to knitting jogless stripes. Basically, you knit the first row of color the way you normally would, then slip the marker off when you get around to the end. Next, instead of knitting the next stitch how you normally would, you just slip it off and then start knitting all the way around the row. To see the rest, watch and learn!

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Now thats awesome! I could have used this about a week ago when I was making a hat. I am still learning on the adding color and this is such a great tut! Thank you!

Thank you Judy for the wonderful tip. Maybe now I can start making jogless stripes instead of jaggerred.

great instructor and video

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