How To: Increase and decrease single crochet

Increase and decrease single crochet

In this tutorial, we learn how to increase and decrease a single crochet. To do this, you will start off with five single crochets, then single crochet in the single crochet from the hook. After this, do an h chain across. After this, increase by doing a chain one and turn and go back into the stitches. If you want to make it wider on both sides, chain one and turn, then put two single crochets in the first stitch. Then, go in each stitch across and go by what the pattern says to go by. Usually in the instructions it will explain exactly what to go so you know the exact pattern to follow.

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Thank you for defining single crochet and slip stitch. I've read manuals but wasn't clear until now that I am using single crochet.

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