How To: Join crocheted granny squares using a five chain flat braid method

Join crocheted granny squares using a five chain flat braid method

This tutorial is aimed at those who have at least some moderate experience with crochet. Here, you'll learn how to join two granny squares together using a five chain, flat braid continuous join method that will make your project lay flat all the way around.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Join crocheted granny squares using a five chain flat braid method, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Join crocheted granny squares using a five chain flat braid method

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Hi Beth. I love the way you join the granny squares using the 5 chain method. I am about to put my afgan together and I want to use this method. Is there any way I could get the chart on what directions I should be going in. I think I'm going to have a problem with the joining the 4 squares. And by the way, I love all your videos. I think you are awesome. Is there anyway you could give me the directions in a message using my FB account. I'm not that good with emails. I would love to have you as a friend on fb. My wife is learning how to chrochet, but doesnt want m to teach her. She says I have no patience. lol lol lol. Imagine that. lol lol

I'm also doing the Jacobs Ladder. I love this.

Thankyou Beth for your very clear example of the 5 chain method, having never seen it before and trying other ways to join which didn't grab me, I am looking forward to using yours as it looks lacey and interesting. Many thanks. Julie.

The 5 braid flat brain looks great and I would like to use it to join all granny squares of an afghan. There will be 9 squares across and 12 -13 squares down. I haven't crocheted much for a while so the how to manage that is confusing. I'm not sure if I need to join nine patches or if I need to do one 12 square long row and then go all the way back up as in the second row of the nine patch. If so do I just continue working up and down the total length of the afghan? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

This is a beautiful way to join, in lieu of a simple whip stitch or single crochet. I will definitely include this in my reportoire of finishing!

Beth, thanks for this awesome video. I have been searching for a way to join granny squares, and this looks to be the method i'm going to try. Also, can I do more than the nine squares and get the same finish?

Hi Beth:
Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. English is not my language and I understood perfectly how to make this.
My work look awesome!

Hello This is a nice way to join Granny Squares. Would you happen to have written instructions for this way of joining the squares? Thanks

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