How To: Knit a baby hammock or sling

Knit a baby hammock or sling

Want to make that special little person in your life something stylish to sleep in? In this knitting tutorial, learn how to knit a baby hammock, sometimes called a sling or (incorrectly called) a baby cocoon. You can hang this in their crib, or set it up next to you on the floor... while your baby sleeps and you get some time to yourself!

You will need: 1 medium crochet hook, a pair of #10 & a pair of 17's, and one 2 oz. skein of 4 ply cotton yarn.

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I really like this pattern. I am going to modify it to make it a shoulder baby carrier for a girlfriend. Thank you for sharing

I an going to try this as soon as possible. Since it is nearly 3 AM, believe it will wait a few hours. Thank you for this site and I am very happy to have found it.

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