How To: Knit the bamboo stitch pattern

Knit the bamboo stitch pattern

This how-to video demonstrates the bamboo stitch knitting pattern. The bamboo stitch is very textured, and involves yarn-overs on the knit stitches. Watch this video knitting tutorial and learn how to do the bamboo stitch pattern.

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A wonderful stitch to learn, explain/demonstrated great.

i couldnt totally tell if you purled off each pair together or split them up individually; im a new knitter; when i purled the pair off my circle got to tight to work then i looked again and i think you split each pair up on a purl; yes?how do i take out a goof up 2.5 rows on a circular needle, oh gosh;really want to finish this hat;

how about telling us what bamboo stitch is good for? does it curl up like normal purled stuff does? is it better for socks than for scarves?

It is good for whatever you want to use it for and as you can see from the sample piece in the video it doesn't curl

I like this stitch, very simple but pretty too.

Is there somewhere I can see a left handed video for a bamboo stitch? Trying to figure out how to do some stitches with the other hand is pretty tricky.

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