How To: Knit basic cables with Eunny Jang for beginners

Knit basic cables with Eunny Jang for beginners

Chances are, if you have some elder relatives who have paid you a visit during the holidays, then you probably have more than your fair share of cable-knit sweaters in various ugly Christmas designs. While we're certainly not a fan of these types of sweaters, the cable-knit technique is one that is used very commonly in knitting and is one of the most basic.

If you want a relatively easy knitting pattern to practice, then watch this knitting tutorial to learn how to knit basic cables.

Cables are one of the most traditional knitting techniques, whether they are classic textured ropes, twists, or braids. Each episode in Series 300 will start out with beginning tips and techniques, so you can freshen up on your knitting basics. In this "Getting Started," Eunny Jang demonstrates the basic rope cable and how to read a cable chart.

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