How To: Knit a beginner's version of a circle/infinity scarf

Knit a beginner's version of a circle/infinity scarf

Here's a great little how-to to get you started on knitting a circle or infinity scarf, also known as a mobius scarf. This is a beginner tutorial so don't be shy, grab your needles and get knitting!

Circle Scarfs became really popular this year/season, so make one and rock it with your outfits. Have fun making it, good luck, and happy creating!

The items you'll need:
crochet stick : Boye 5.5 mm
yarn: Red Heart yarn in the color Soft White
( i don't recommend this brand, because the yarn is stiff! Go for a brand like Vanna also found at Walmart because it's softer and better to use for a scarf)

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Great scarf. Luv your advice <3

Great vid! Clear instructions and I learned a new stitch! Thank you!!

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