How To: Knit a color-graded hat

Knit a color-graded hat

When it comes to knitting patterns, simple algorithms can have very aesthetically pleasing results. Take the simple color-graded hat. See how to knit a color-graded hat with this easy, up close demonstration by Judy Graham, Knitter to the Stars.

Pick two colors. Start with your main color, do a row of your secondary color and then another row of your main. Next time around, do two rows of your secondary color and one of your principal and so on (e.g., three & one, four & one). A veritable cinch.

Judy's knits have appeared in movies, television, and concerts for over thirty years. She herself has been hand-knitting and stitching for over fifty. Knitting Tips by Judy is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to knit or stitch by hand. Watch as she teaches you how to knit a color-graded hat in this video tutorial.

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this is definitely on my "to do list"....I love all of judytopaz's videos!!!!

Easy to follow. Thanks, Lori.

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