How To: Knit An I Cord

Knit An I Cord

Knitting an I Cord seems like a mystery, but it's quite simple.  There are lots of uses for an I CORD.  Some ways to use an I Cord include using them for handles on a purse or bag.  An I Cord can also be used for ties on hats or it can be used as a decorative add-on to embellish a garment. 


  • One thing to remember is that you MUST use a double pointed needle.

Step 1 Cast on 3 stitches.

  • Cast on 3 stitches onto your double pointed needle.

Step 2 Knit the 3 stitches.

  • With your second double pointed needle knit the 3 stitches.

Step 3 Push the stitches to the other end.

  • Do not turn the work, but PUSH the stitches to the other end of the double-pointed needle.

Step 4 Knit the stitches.

  • Knit the stitches, pulling the yarn from the last stitch FROM THE BACK to the new beginning in front. Make sure you pull the thread tight!

Step 5 Pull the yarn through.

  • With a large eyed needle pull the yarn through all the stitches and cut.

Step 6 Weave in yarn.

  • Weave in the yarn from both ends.


  • Make sure you pull the first stitch tight.
  • For a thin cord use thin yarn.
  • For a thicker cord use thick yarn or one more stitch.
  • Use the yarn from both ends to attach the cord.

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I always wanted to know how to do an I cord...thanks, I've got it now!

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