How To: Knit delicate, doily patterned crochet earrings

Knit delicate, doily patterned crochet earrings

Well this is quite the alternative crochet project. You've probably already knitted a light, hole-y Afghan, and even a long, thick crochet scarf for the winter months, but we can bet you've never even thought of crocheting your own earrings.

These crochet earrings, which resemble teeny doiles, make a wonderful whimsical ear adornment that you can wear during the holidays (they also look like snowflakes) or duing the rest of the year. Because how cool is it to say you made your own earrings?

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You don't "knit" crochet! You "crochet" crochet! They are two distinctly different things.

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