How To: Knit on Double Pointed Needles

Knit on Double Pointed Needles

Knitting on double pointed needles (abbr: DPN or DP) is scary to most knitters. That being said, there will be times that you will want to, or need to use them, so you might as well learn now. You'll need to use DP needles for small projects when there are too few stitches for a circular needle (as for socks or mittens). Once you cast on and get into a rhythm, it's easy. Don't be afraid to try it.

  • Cast all the stitches onto one needle.
  • On the next row, knit and divide the number of stitches evenly between 3 needles.

How to Knit on Double Pointed Needles

  • After casting on each needle, lay flat as in photo above. You are basically going to be working in the round, same as with a circular needle, so it's again mostimportant that the work doesn't twist when you join.
  • Take the 4th needle and insert it into the FIRST stitch on needle 3, and knit that stitch using the yarn from the LAST stitch on the needle. Once that stitch is worked, the work will be joined. and will form a triangle.


  • Be sure to pull the first few stitches tighter than you normally would so there won't be a gap at the join. Now you will have another empty needle so continue until you have a complete round.

How to Knit on Double Pointed Needles

  • Place a stitch marker on the 2nd stitch so you'll know where you started and continue knitting.


  • Use the 2nd stitch because it might fall off if it's on the 1st stitch.
  • It's helpful to rearrange the stitches every few rounds in order to change where the joins are. This is done by sliding a stitch or two from the first needle onto the next. Be sure to keep your marker on the 2nd stitch of the beginning of the row.
Video demonstration of knitting on DPN.

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