How To: Knit an Estonian lace shawl with Eunny Jang

Knit an Estonian lace shawl with Eunny Jang

During the summer, lace shawls become uniform for many fashionable women who want to cover up slightly during those nippy summer nights or jaunts out by the chilly ocean but don't want to compromise their style. Lace shawls, which are composed of many delicate patterns with holes interspersed for breathability, fit the bill just right.

Watch this episode of Interweave to learn how to knit an Estonian lace shawl, composed of a lovely scalloped edge, thickly woven interior, and a hole-y woven scalloped lace pattern.

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Good idea to show us how to do this, but she moves too fast for novice knitters. The camera seems to move away from her hands,or pan out,) too soon.

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