How To: Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

There are different ways to knit a Mobius scarf.  I call this one the Fake Mobius. Check out the video demonstration below, then proceed to the written tips and pictures.

The Fake Moebius Scarf - Video Demo


  • Use a stitch that's the same on both sides, such as garter, seed, ribbing, etc.
  • Make sure your scarf will fit over your head when it's sewn together.
  • Start by casting on as many stitches as you want for your scarf.
  • When the scarf is the length you want it bind off

How to Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

  • Fold the scarf end to end.

How to Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

  • Make a twist in the fold.

How to Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

  • Sew the ends together, making sure you keep the twist.

How to Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

  • You now have a FAKE MOEBIUS.

How to Knit a Fake Mobius Scarf

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That is so cool, and so simple!

yes Renna, very cool and very easy. Hope you make one....or many!

Judy, I am a big fan. Your videos and demonstrations are amazingly easy to follow and inspire me to more and more projects. This fake mobius is so simple and so pretty! Thank you!

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