How To: Knit for Beginners

Knit for Beginners

So Christmas is coming up, and you want to make a couple of presents for your friends and family, who you don't really feel like splurging on- but want to make something from the heart. You've tried other stuff, and you totally failed at the Cross-stitch from last year, have you tried Knitting?! Well here's a beginners guide to the simple knitting technique- an easy one!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

You can pick these up from Craft Stores, or some charity shops/pound shops also do these at great prices.

  • Knitting Needles ( Any size will do- I tend to use 4mm)
  • Wool/Yarn. ( Any thickness, colour) -- Try not to get wool with bobbly bits on, stick to smooth.
  • Patience!

Take a look at this link for some yarn/wool, and you can buy knitting needles from lots of different places.

Step 2: The Slipknot

So the first step in Casting on, is called the Slipknot. First we have to grab our yarn.

  • Use the end of our wall to create a circle loop.
  • Next, use the strand of wool which is connected to the ball of yarn to create a loop inside of our original circle.
  • Pull the top loop tighter, but not that tight. Allow room for the needle to push through.
  • Push the needle through the first loop, you can now pull it tight.
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Step 3: Casting On... Continued.

So now we have the initial stitch, we have to work out the rest of them. Using your dominant hand, hold the needle beyond the stitch. Then use your other palm, to layer the rest of the yarn over. One the yarn is lying across your palm- push the needle underneath to create a loop. The loop should look like a circle with a long drape. Find whichever level of yarn you want, and cut it off there. Next, pull the long drape through the circle until it's tight, and a ridge forms at the bottom of your needle. Repeat these steps until you either get to the end of the needle; or you run out of yarn.

Step 4: Let's Start to Knit...

So now you bring in your other knitting needle. The first step is to push your needle underneath the first stitch. Making sure the right needle is in under the left one, wrap a piece of yarn around your first stitch. Next, you pull back the needle- keeping it in contact with the left needle and pull back through the first stitch. Repeat this method:

  • Use the needle to go underneath the stitch, so the right needle is hitting the left one.
  • Wrap a piece of yarn once around the needle.
  • Pull back through the stitch keeping it in contact with the other needle.
  • Pull the stitch down the left needle, so it comes off the end and falls onto needle right.

Step 5: Keep on Going..

Once you've mastered this first method, you have to repeat and repeat and repeat this until you've got enough stitches you want. You should have a square type pattern emerging from your endless knitting, which you can in turn- knit a blanket with.

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