How To: Knit garter eyelets

Knit garter eyelets

Iknitwithcatfur teaches viewers how to knit perfect garter eyelets. Choose worsted, double-knit (DK) or sport weight yarn. A cotton or wool blend without fancy textures is the easiest to work with for this pattern. Use slightly larger needles to show off the pattern's open work. Size nine to 11, depending on the yarn weight you've chosen, is ideal. Cast on 25 stitches for a good-sized swatch. The garter eyelet pattern requires an odd number across and you work it over six rows. Knit the first four rows. Keep an even tension by letting the yarn for the stitch you just made adjust itself as you make the next stitch. Begin the pattern row by knitting two stitches together. Then make a yarn-over by bringing the yarn in front of the work and tossing it over the right needle. Pinch the yarn around the right needle before making the next stitch so it doesn't slip off. Continue knitting two stitches together followed by a yarn-over until you reach the last stitch. Knit this stitch. Make a swatch of 24 rows so you knit four repeats of the garter eyelet pattern. Show off the pattern by blocking your swatch, stretching the piece to open the holes. If you follow these steps correctly, you should end up with a perfectly knitted garter eyelet pattern.

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